Volunteering is good for the soul…


New Job!!

Well I got the job I interviewed for last week with the Clydebank Post. I will be the on-site designer for the Firm. My job duties will include creating online advertisements for our group and print/online advertisements for 32 other publications that we work with. I will let post ads I get to make here…along with a 40 page magazine I get to create 4 times a year!! The pay is low because I’m a student but its enough to cover all my living costs plus a little fun money. I feel very lucky to have gotten the job as all of my classmates are having to settle for jobs in bars, fast food, etc…

First Day

Well today is my first day of school and I’m extremely excited. Here are a few pics of the Mackintosh building. (The school’s main building) and the Haldane Building – where my studio is located.

My Flat


Well I got a goldfish yesterday to add to Kelly’s 2 fish and he is really adorable. (fat with big eye balls)

Liquid sunshine…

I arrived in Glasgow yesterday morning at 7:00am…though I don’t really have a complete concept of time at the moment. (I believe the jet lag is playing a key role in that.)

Leaving Michigan as it approached 100 degrees is the most notable difference so far. I’m now in 50F weather and its raining…not scary rain like we have, but rain that is cold and heavy (fat rain drops that kind of pelt you). It wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if I would have had an umbrella, or a rain jacket for that matter.

This morning I woke up and walked with Kelly to work, and learned the route to my school. I then stopped and got some of the essentials, plug adapters so my electronics are actually functioning, a few totes to place my personal items in, in an organized fashion. Razors, toothbrush, shampoo, etc…and of course a few groceries. Money is going to be much tighter than I expected. It cost me $554 just to have 300 of their equivalent. (Total slap in the face). Spent part of my evening figuring out my budget for the next four months. Money will be really tight if I can’t find a job, but doable. Hopefully once I know my school hours, I will be able to be more aggressive with potential employers. Speaking of…I was able to learn at least the first week of my schedule and after reading that, AND seeing the school prepping for the new year I’m REALLY excited. 🙂

I spent the rest of my afternoon napping, though it was quite frequently interrupted. Met Kelly at work this evening, grabbing cupcakes on the way. Had a beer at the local pub and now I’ve just completed making my first dinner in Scotland. Unfortunately I’m not used to the temperatures of the oven, so slightly burned chicken was part of the evening meal. It was still delicious.

Getting dressed now to meet up with a few friends. Did I mention how nice the people of Glasgow are??? They are so unbelievable friendly it’s hard not to feel a bit at home.

Hopefully one day you can meet a few. (They call the rain liquid sunshine, hence the title, currently I couldn’t disagree more, but maybe my outlook will change.)

Miss everyone.

Homage to Ann Arbor…